Erich Brumback • About
present Nonfiction writer currently living in the Pacific Northwest. I'm interested in creative research, memory, human-microbe interactions, abandoned or unoccupied structures, and the ways uncertainty manifests in language.
past I studied creative writing at George Mason University, where I also volunteered at Provisions Library for Arts & Social Change. I took a lot of photographs and lived with my friends in a townhouse nestled into the noise wall beside I-495.
future ???

If you want to correspond or collaborate, you can email me at

Published Writing
  • On Extremophiles in Territory, 2019
          linking extremes of biology, ideology, and aesthetics
  • Monologue at Arlington National Cemetery in Bodega, 2019
          reflecting on empire from a position near the center of it
  • Two Coins in rivulet, 2018
          questioning the flattery of aura photography
  • Nothing But Green Skies in Entropy, 2016
          responding to different depictions of the Fujifilm Blimp
  • {revisitation phases} on neocities, 2016
          animating night and day cycles of memory
  • Poems in fog machine, 2016
          ... a sudden mechanical ringing in your ear
  • Harmony In Concrete in Quarterly West, 2015
          sifting through visits to various storm drains